Mercedes Benz Surfboard range

Mercedes Benz has released the latest edition of their “Mboard” range, which has been going on since 2013. Introducing “The Silver Arrow of The Seas” board. Yep, the wheels have officially come off, as Mercedes takes to the sea with a surfboard range that’s aimed at…we’re not sure exactly?

The Silver Surfer thought it wise to add foot straps on his new model.

Mercedes has been working with surfer Garrett McNamara and have also recently revealed their brand new golden board, which is made entirely of cork. One up for the environment.

While the boards look as sleek as the cars, we doubt that this is a serious foray into the glabal surfboard market. There may however, be a decent market in Jozi for the boytjies wanting to brave the artificial wave pool.

The Silver Arrow’s hood ornament, engraved onto the polished hood.

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