What Makes Newquay the Surf Capital?

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Part of what makes Newquay a top surfing destination for the UK is the way the town is surrounded by beaches. We can count 12 beaches in Newquay. 8 walking distance from town and 4 others, a short distance drive. Amongst them we can find one of the most famous surf spot in the UK, Fistral Beach.

With Fistral beach being the main west facing beach and drawing in the predominant west swells and winds, this beach as with the majority here on the North Coast of Cornwall often serves up some cracking Cornish Waves.

But as we know the weather here in the UK is anything but stable or predictable and often these west facing beaches are too exposed to the swell and high winds coming in from the west. When all other beaches do not provide good surf, you can always relay on the Surf Saviour Newquay's popular "Bay", Towan Beach.
This bay is sheltered from these winds and can often produce a fun surf-able wave when many other beaches in the area offer no protection. Moreover it is demarcated by the Harbour wall on one side where a nice left is created when the swell hits it. A favorite for the grooms!
Newquay offers waves for all levels and all sorts, depending on what you are aiming for.

With Autumn normally comes the Hurricane season and some good size swells can hit the Cornish Coast. This is normally that time of the year where all the UK Surfers are on the alert mode, stalking the Surf forecast multiple times a day to make sure to not miss any movement in the Ocean. This is also that time of the year where Summer is over, School has started and so the lines up are less crowded.

As with any good period of surf, everyone comes out of the wood work to enjoy the spoils. From freelance builders knocking off early, office workers taking extended lunch breaks, it does not matter what you do to earn a living, the swell is pumping and everyone is getting in.

On another note, if opening a Surf School is part of your future plan, it is probably not the best place to look at. Therefore, with the 25 Surf Schools counted in the Newquay area, being a surf instructor and giving Surf Lessons as a freelancer would definitely be your best bet to increase your time in the water and enjoy the Cornish Summer!
Mobile Surf School, ISA Certified Coaches, Good Laughs, Fun Guaranteed!
Cornish Wave Mobile Surf School provides professional Surf lessons to individuals in and around Newquay, Cornwall. And when the English weather hits the door, we bring people on their Surf Dream Holiday where good waves are!

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