Super Typhoon Nuri Brewing in North Pacific Ocean

Super Typhoon Nuri is brewing in the North Pacific Ocean, expected to break records due to the major low pressure system developing with and forecasted 200 mph+ winds generated at its core, also producing high seas. If the pressure continues to build as predicted, Super Typhoon Nuri would be the strongest low-pressure system ever observed in or near Alaska since 1977.

Huge surf is predicted according to, first in the Hawaiian Islands with 18 ft seas at 18-seconds and very light tradewinds less than 5 mph. If these early predictions are accurate, it could be the perfect combination for an epic big wave session.

Video by the National Weather Service – Anchorage from November 4th, 2014
Based on the size of it now, Nuri could also bring a few solid days of swell for Californian surfers. While still too early to tell, California is forecasting solid wave heights from November 12 – 16th.
According to, Super Typhoon Nuri became one of the most powerful tropical cyclones of the year on November 2nd, as it churned over the open waters of the western Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines and south of Japan.

Nuri has become a powerful super typhoon in the Bering Sea. According to, the storm will hit the Hawaiian Islands with a north / northwest direction in the 330-340 degree range.
Predicted to peak Saturday night /Sunday morning, there is then a second peak expected as the storm strengthens around Tuesday, which could potentially bring even bigger surf to the region.

Super Typhoon Nuri. Photo: Michael Lowry | NOAA
 Super Typhoon Nuri via NASA satellite on November 3rd, 2014.

Forecast for Saturday, November 8, 2014 by
This system may also potentially be one of the lowest sea-level barometiric pressures ever observed on Earth outside of tropical cyclones and tornadoes.

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