Best Places to Learn to Surf

They often say that surfing is not a sport but that it's closer to being an art and that it's even closer to being a state of mind (which is why hardcore surfers are always talking about the 'Zen' state). That being said, the major problem with surfing is that there are so few places to do it (compared with most other sports where all you need is an open field). So where are the best places to learn to surf?

One of the best places (in my opinion) to surf (whether you're a beginner or an expert) is Oahu in Hawaii. They say that this is where surfing was invented, and with the kinds of conditions that are usually present (warm water, beautiful golden beaches and great weather all year round) it is a surfer's dream.

If you're looking for somewhere a little more accessible, however, Miami in Florida could be the place for you. The great thing about Miami is that there's no pretentiousness there when it comes to learning to surf, and they have countless surf schools that you can attend where they'll walk you through the basics.

A much lesser known place to surf (but where some people call 'surfing heaven') is Florianopolis which is a small island off the East coast of Brazil (nicknamed 'Floripa'). The area features several world-class surfing spots, and because it's relatively unknown it's rarely crowded, giving you plenty of room to surf in. Many locals view the island as something of a haven, since it's where all of the mainlanders go to chill out and party.

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