Backstage : The Best Of The North Shore Last Season

‘Tis the season of the North Shore. The season when all eyes are on Hawaii and nothing else matters (f**k Christmas), when the surf industry instinctively flocks like the salmon of Capistrano (that never get’s old) and a year’s worth of pent-up hostility finds its release with every Haole Barry to make a mistake in the lineup at Pipe (Barry is the new Barney). And to the man without a sponsor house, a namesake or a Hawaiian bloodline, it’s a distant reality merely perceived through the shallow lens of a webcast. But here, compliments of Dakine, we have a backstage pass to last year’s winter on the North Shore. If this doesn’t give you enough vicarious psyche to book your ticket to the gun-show, at home with the webcast is right where you belong.

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