The Surfing Christmas Gift Guide for 2014

Welcome to The Surfing Christmas Gift Guide for 2014. If you have a surfer relative, friend or loved one, don't fret and plan ahead. Discover our curated selection of Christmas gift ideas.

We've handpicked the best surfing presents that will put a smile on any surfer's face, whether you are a savvy or a big spender Santa Claus.

A passionate surfer may seem hard to please, especially after years of practice and continuous investment in the sport. However, the surf industry keeps evolving and year after year there are new things all surfers want to put their hands on.

There's also always room for improvement or completion: a better wetsuit or surf watch, a new and exciting surfboard, a book or surf movie, a take on a new wave sport or even a good replacement for some of the most utilitarian items - backpacks, sunglasses, board travel bags, etc.
SurferToday's panel of surfers has gathered to select their dream selection of surfing gifts for Christmas 2014. Follow their lead and surprise your surfer (or yourself)!
GoPro Hero4 GoPro Hero4 Black Edition
The much-anticipated new version of the best-selling action camera is a must-have since it brings a whole new dimension to any surf session.
Capture your best moves with 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, an improved high-fidelity audio system, a better performance in low-light conditions and wireless and Bluetooth connections.
Buy this surf gift: HERE 
Polaroid Cube Polaroid Cube
Cute, small and colorful, but also waterproof, shock resistant and mountable in multiple surfaces through a built-in magnet and several accessories, the Polaroid Cube is an easy, funny and fuss free action camera.
Carry it around in your pocket (yes, it’s that small) and you’re ready to record any important moment in your life. It can be quickly installed in a board through a waterproof case and a suction mount.
Buy this surf gift: HERE 
John Severson's SURF John Severson's "SURF"
John Severson's "SURF" is a staple in any good surf book collection.
The book exposes the six decades path of the iconic 80-year-old surf culture and Surfer Magazine founder through photography, painting, publishing and filming.
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Tower Adventurer 9'10'' Inflatable SUP Tower Adventurer 9'10'' Inflatable SUP
An ultra compact, high quality inflatable SUP, is a great addition to your quiver, as it can be easily transported anywhere, anytime - just unroll it, fill it up and you're set to go!
This 6'' thick inflatable board delivers the same steadiness and rigidity of an EPS/Epoxy model. A perfect gift for all year round.
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Rip Curl Flash Bomb Plus 4/3 Rip Curl Flash Bomb Plus 4/3
The Flash Bomb Plus is the perfect suit to have at hand in the tougher winter months or when traveling to colder waters.
It is lighter and more flexible than its predecessors, thanks to the E4 neoprene, keeps the body warm and provides extra comfort and durability due to the E4 Double Tape Stitchless Seam Technology.
Buy this surf gift: HERE

Santa Cruz 'Rasta Drop Thru' Longboard Cruzer Santa Cruz "Rasta Drop Thru" Longboard Cruzer
A longboard skate is a fun way to cruise in dry land and even to carry your board to the beach.
The 35 inches long Santa Cruz Cruzer is both fast and stable, with solid wheels that will keep you rolling smoothly and quietly over any obstacles.
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Oakley Frogskins Polarized Sunglasses Oakley Frogskins Polarized Sunglasses
Surprise your surfer with a pair of stylish, high-quality sunglasses.
Oakley's high-performance polarized lenses filter out glare, allowing a clear vision of the water while keeping the eyes effectively protected.
The Frogskins is a comeback of the mythic model created in the early 80s and a celebration of the pop culture that will keep you sleek and safe.
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Quiksilver Scaly Windbreaker Jacket Quiksilver Scaly Windbreaker Jacket
Winter (and even Christmas!) still means surfing and wave scouting, so staying warm outside is a must.
A slim, insulated hooded jacket is just what a surfer needs to easily move around without catching a cold.
Quiksilver's Scaly Windbreaker is a great option since it is slim fit and at the same time keeps you warm inside, thanks to the discreet horizontal quilting and elasticized cuffs and bottom.
Buy this surf gift: HERE
O'Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Boot O'Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Boot
Surfing booties not only keep surfer's feet warm, but also safe from nasty reef bottoms or sharp rocks. A 5mm surfing boot is appropriate to cold water and harsher winter conditions.
The O'Neill Heat Round Toe boots are made of fluid foam and display a blind-stitch seam construction for extra comfort and performance.
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EQ Unisex Seals Earplugs EQ Unisex Seals Earplugs
Exostosis, or surfer's ear, is a common ailment between surfers that can be prevented through the use of specific earplugs.
However, earplugs may interfere with balance and hearing and can also be uncomfortable, so it’s important to choose the right model.
We love EQ Seals earplugs because they are made of flexible, breathable silicone, mimicking the seal’s natural ability to close their ears while in the water, without any loss of performance.
Buy this surf gift: HERE
Skate 3 Skate 3
When there are no conditions outside, try some nasty skateboarding moves on the comfort of your home with a good quality game like Skate 3.
The action takes place in Port Carverton, a city divided into three districts that embrace skateboarding.
You can create your team of pro skaters, try new tricks and pretty much shred the whole town, in solo or multiplayer mode for extra fun with friends.
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Rip Curl Trestles Pro Surf Watch Rip Curl Trestles Pro Surf Watch
The signature team rider edition of the Trestles Pro is a favorite and best-seller with great value for money.
The digital surfing watch displays a 500 pre-set beach locations all over the world, with best tide, swell size and wind direction information, sunrise and sunset times and a digital compass.
It is water resistant up to 330 feet (100 meters) and looks good in and out of the water.
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NP Surf Combo Lock Box NP Surf Combo Lock Box
The waves are pumping, but you don't know where to leave your car keys. The classic surfers problem has an easy solution.
The NP Combo Lock Box is made of weather resistant zinc alloy for storing keys while you're surfing.
It features a resettable four-digit combination, EVA backing on lockbox and PU tube around the shackle to avoid scratches on the car.
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Zap Skimboard Zap Skimboard
When the tide rises, skimboarding is the best wave riding experience. Zap is one of the most famous brands in the skimming world.
This large skimboard is constructed to take a beating while still retaining its performance. Shaped to shred.
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FCS Double Soft Racks FCS Double Soft Racks
Surfboard car racks are the simplest way of transporting surfboards safely and securely.
The double soft racks by FCS fit most cars, vans, SUVs and 4WDs. They hold up to six surfboards and four longboards, and feature neoprene sleeve for protection.
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Greco 8' Soft Performance Surfboard Greco 8' Soft Performance Surfboard
The perfect surfboard for someone who is about to learn how to ride waves. The Greco 8' soft top includes the highest density foam out there and a triple stringer.
A great surfboard for beginners. Includes new upgraded leash and fins.
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Surfing: The Manual: Advanced Surfing: The Manual: Advanced
The surf book for those who have stepped into the intermediate and advanced surfing levels. Written by Jim Kempton.
Learn the tricks, improve the maneuvers, and read the tips from the pros. The best surfing manual for getting from good to great.
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