Surf Body Fitness - A Slimmer You

Surf body fitness is a whole new level of being fit. Serious surfers have those sleek bodies for good reason, and it's not just so they look good. Looking good is just a bonus.

Surf Body Fitness - Strong Arms and Legs
Surfing requires the use of your arms and legs. Paddling out and riding the wave gives you those nice toned arms. Pulling yourself up onto the board helps out too. Actually riding the board and staying on is going to put the muscles in your legs to good use.

Standing up on the board and riding the wave requires you to stay on the board. Doing that means you have to balance your weight over the board so that you stay centered. This balancing requires the use of your stomach, hips, and butt. You will need to tense, or relax, muscles in these areas to keep your weight even over the board. Whether you realize it or not, this is an awesome workout that uses your entire middle, but there's more to surf body fitness.

Ever see a surfer turn a board while riding a wave? They usually twist the entire bottom half of their body to do it. This twisting requires the muscles in their legs, but also the oblique muscles in your stomach area. People usually refer to this area as the love handles. The twisting motion in surfing actually keeps them from becoming love handles.

It allows you to keep that nice trim waist line without bulging sides. The core strength required, and used, for surfing keeps you sleek and trimmed. Those are two elements that many people not only want to achieve, but maintain, and it's possible with surf body fitness. You really can get a great body, but also have a ton of fun with surfing. What more can you ask for; good looks and having fun while you keep the look.

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