Should You Buy Used Surfboards?

Used surfboards are readily available at your local surf shop, eBay, and Craigslist. They can save you hundreds of dollars as compared to like new surfboards. As huge as that savings is, it's not worth it if that board is too "used".

Always scour every inch of that used surfboard before you buy it. Any dings should have been repaired. Feel all over the surfboard, especially around the ding repairs, for any soft spots. Soft spots indicate foam rot from water seepage, not a good thing. If the board has a lot of ding repairs, even if they were done well, it could indicate that the board is too lightly glassed. On obvious repair running the length of the board means that it was probably cracked in half. I had a surfboard like this that had a professional repair and rode just fine afterwards, but be careful because some boards will never be the same.

A little discoloring is normal with used surfboards, especially white to yellow, this is caused by UV but it is mostly cosmetic.

Check the fins for cracking, especially around the base of the fins if they are glassed on, these are expensive repairs. If the fins are removable, check the fin boxes for cracks, stripped shrub screws, and water seepage. Again, fin boxes are expensive to replace.

A little wear and tear is no big deal provided timely repairs were done to prevent extensive damage. Used surfboards do loose flex characteristics over time, but the difference will usually be minor. Your best deals will be on surfboards that have hardly been used. The owner just didn't find it a fit and probably wants to try something else. A surfboard like that could be a perfect fit for you and give you huge savings over the same board brand new.

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