Kelly Slater completes a 540 air reverse in Peniche

Kelly Slater has pulled a 540 air reverse at Supertubos, Peniche, in Portugal.

The 11-time world champion keeps pushing the limits of the wave riding. In a free surfing session at Supertubos, the Floridian completed a 540-degree rotation in the sky before landing in the whitewater.
At a first glance, it seems that Kelly Slater is able to successfully pull a 720 air, but a careful analysis reveals us that the surf master spins one and a half rotations in midair.
Nevertheless, this is clearly one of the best aerial moves ever completed by Kelly Slater. In the past, the king had pulled what a few claimed to be a 540 air, but this one leaves no doubts.
At 42, showed his appreciation for receiving the key to the city of Peniche, home to Europe's best barreling wave. Will Slater go for the 720?

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