Do You Know The Accessories Required for Surfing?

Surfing is a fun way of spending time with your friends and siblings if you reside near the beach. It is an exciting water sport and should be learnt under the guidance of a professional surfer as it involves a bit of risk. You need to surf in the deep sea where the waves are higher and where the water is deep. However, a combination of correct guidance and skills can make you a good surfer. Other than only a thrilling water sport, surfing can also be a career option. Before you start learning to surf, you need to purchase certain equipment that will be required to surf safely.
For one, you will need a surf board to go surfing. Different types of surf boards are available in the market depending on varied sizes and materials. You will have to buy a board that is suitable to your needs according to your height, the size of the waves you will surf on as well as the price that suits your budget. Usually, a custom surf boat is the most expensive of all. Choose to buy a custom surf board only if you will go surfing every day or are choosing it as a career option. Keep in mind that the length of the board you purchase should be a few inches more than your height. The width of the surf board also should be bigger in order to offer you a good grip and space to place you on the board well. It should also facilitate you to paddle comfortably. A thicker board will facilitate better floating and there is lesser chance for the board to flip on the waves. For beginners, it is convenient to buy a soft board that is made from soft foam that allows staying stable in the water.
Wetsuits are a necessary part of surfing accessories as they keep your body safe from the water you are surfing in. The temperature of the water can be unbearable if it is too cold or too warm. This will make you feel uneasy and you will not be able to stay inside the water for a longer time. Hence, you should prefer buying a full wetsuit that is made of a thicker material. Rash vests are to be worn inside the wetsuit in order to protect your skin from getting rashes. A rash suit for your underarms is also available in the market to keep the skin around that area warm and safe. The boots, gloves, and hood all complete your entire surfing attire. They provide extra protection to your feet, hands, and the head.
A new surf board might not provide you with good grip and you tend to slip from the board while surfing. This can be a bit risky initially. The surf wax or traction pads will be required for maintaining a secure grip on the board. You should apply the surf wax on the entire board in circular motions. After applying a few layers of the wax, scrape it off with the wax comb. A traction pad can be used as well instead of the wax. In order to keep you attached to your surf board, you will need leg ropes or leashes. The leash will be tied to your leg on one side and to the surf board on the other.

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