Top Travel Spots for Surfing

Are you looking for some of the top travel spots for surfing? Perhaps you are searching for a beach with insanely high waves, so you can get the thrill of your life. In any case, there are plenty of beaches which have waves anywhere from 4 to up to 12 feet high. Finding them can be tricky though, if you are not familiar with the area. Luckily, we have put together a travel guide for you to follow.

The Gold Coast of Australia
Indeed, Australia has some wonderful beaches, with some of the top waves available for a surfer. One very popular city in the area is called the "Gold Coast". The area rests in the corner of Southeastern Queensland. This area is known for it's tropical, warm climate and has many canals. Although it is expensive to surf here, you will still nevertheless enjoy this attraction. It has about 70km of beach property, divided into categories such as The Spit, Palm Beach and other areas. Many individuals often refer to this place as the "Grand surfing Haven". There are plenty of other places here, two of my favorites being Burleigh Heads, South Strabroke Island and many more.

The Mentawai Islands of Indonesia
If you have ever traveled to Indonesia before, you already know their beaches are rich and filled with plenty of things to do such as surfing, laying out in the sun, outside snack areas, and so much more. This island is considered one of the top travel spots for surfing in the world and is located just off the west coast of Indonesia. The island is divided into four different categories like the Siberut, North Pagi, South Pagi and also the famous Sipora. In order to reach this island, you need to take a ferry or a boat. If you visit in the months July and September, you are bound to encounter large swells since the waves are in many directions as a result of the wind activity.

Jeffreys Bay of South Africa
Located in East, South Africa - you'll run into Jeffreys Bay which is one amazing surfing destination that has worked it's way up to the top surfing spots in the world. Surfers enjoy visiting this place in the winter months to go on some wild wave rides. Every year they have a Billabong Pro WCT which surfers from all over the globe come to participate in.

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