Surfing Workout - Staying Fit and Becoming a Better Surfer With Every Single Workout You Do

There is fun to be found in riding the waves, but a surfing workout is also found on the board. Below is a break down of some of the benefits of surfing.

Surfing Workout - Upper Body
Paddling and pulling yourself up on the board uses many muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and back. Even spreading your arms out to keep your balance helps keep them toned. Tackle the waves and get the nice, toned arms you want as a result.

Shifting your weight and keeping your balance on the surf board is really a good workout for your stomach, sides, and lower back. All the tensing and relaxing of different muscles to keep yourself centered is an awesome routine to keep your middle nice and trim. A surfer's stance is also a good way of keeping your butt looking good too. As you can see, so far a surfing workout has benefits, but there is more.

Surfing Workout - Lower Body
I already mentioned the workout for your butt, although there is more to the surfer's stance than just that. Flexing your feet on the board to stay put in the stance is a great workout for your lower legs. Twisting your lower body to steer the board is a wonderful exercise for your hips and thighs.


A surfing workout is a good workout in stamina and endurance. It takes quite a bit of energy to surf. All the paddling and riding the wave is a good, almost aerobic routine. This is good for working the heart, and keeping it in good condition. When you consider that you are going to do it more than once, and it's a good way to stay fit. You can basically workout your entire body when surfing, and because it's fun you are likely to repeat it over and over.

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