Surfing Fitness Program - Flexibility, Stability and Mobility

Most people don't think about stretches when they think about a surfing fitness program, but being flexible really could help a lot.

Surfing Fitness Program - Warm Ups
Stretching out and warming up your muscles is always a good idea before you plan on participating in any sport. This includes surfing. Doing simple stretches to limber up your arms, torso, and legs may keep you from getting painful cramps in the water. There is no better way to ruin a good wave then to get a cramp and end up falling off the board. Stretch out to have more fun in the water.

Simple Stretches In Your Surfing Fitness Program
If you have gone to any gym you have probably seen a chart with some basic stretches on it. Utilizing these simple stretches is really rather easy, and it's individual as well. You can pick out some stretches that you can do. When you start to stretch go as far as you can until you feel the pull in your muscle. Hold it right there for a count of ten. Don't bounce in a stretch! Bouncing while stretching can tear your muscles and cause pain, and sometimes even permanent damage. Stretches should be smooth, fluid movements. Remember to only go as far as you can until you feel the pull of it in your muscles. Don't push to far too fast. Going too far will only accomplish injury and keep you from being able to do the things you want while it heals.

Wipe Outs
If you incorporate stretches into your surfing fitness program you might not get so sore after a wipe out. The more limber your muscles are, the less likely they are to get pulled or cramped. Hitting the water off a surf board can have your body twisting in ways it's not really use to. If those muscles are flexible they will twist little or no damage.

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