Surf Fitness Training - Upper and Lower Body

Surfing fitness training should require some strength training; especially in your arms and legs.

Surf Fitness Training - Upper Body
Strength training in your upper body would be ideal for surfing. You are going to be doing a lot of paddling and pulling yourself up on the board. You are going to use more than just your arms to do this, though your arms are still very important. The muscles in your chest and back are going to play important roles as well.
Certain exercises will help build up the strength in these areas. Some of them are fairly simple and include; butterflies, pull-ups, push-ups, and rowing. All of these will strengthen your upper body. Surfing is a ton of fun, but sore or tired muscles can make you regret having so much fun. This makes surf fitness training important.

Lower Body
Surf fitness training for your lower body should consist of two elements; strength and balance. For strength you might consider lunges, squats, and leg presses. It's important to work both the front and back of your legs. For balance you might want to incorporate a stability ball, or even some yoga poses.

Surf Fitness Training - Footnote
Swimming laps would also be a good idea for surf fitness training. This will increase your stamina, cardiovascular strength, and lung capacity. Being able to swim well is never a bad idea when considering water sports. Swimming will also work out most of the muscles you need for surfing; keeping them in good working condition. It will also get your body accustomed to working against the water.
Being in the water puts a slight resistance your body when you try to move in it. It's not a huge resistance, but over time it can exhaust you. Getting your body use to that resistance means that you could stay out surfing longer without getting as tired.

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