Meet Kelly Slater’s New Company: Outerknown

Kelly Slater, the rail turn behind Outerknown. Photo: Jimmicane

On April 1st, 2014, Kelly Slater announced his divorce with longterm partner Quiksilver and nobody took him seriously.

 The Drug Aware Pro Margaret River was about to start and everyone figured it to be a long, uncomfortable joke. The mountain and the wave, sans Kelly Slater? Such a thing sounded surreal and it was, after all, April Fool’s Day. The skepticism ebbed as the day progressed, replaced by rumbles of what’s to come from the king. A new company like Patagonia! Partners with Kering! Kelly’s the founder! In the coming months, the naked-nosed speculation only progressed. But still — at least up front — nobody knew anything. Until these two Instagram posts.

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