Does Surfing Need New York City ?

he Big Apple. Gotham City. Surfing’s next epicenter. Photo: Jimmicane

Poke your head outside. Allow it to take you. Coffee will be consumed not out of necessity, but out of habit. The city itself will fuel you with the colossal energy of a whole lot of everything. It floods your systems until moods of tiredness, boredom, and laziness are all but a memory that doesn’t even scrape the sky. She is truly alive, truly beautiful, and she beckons you to become a part of it. Above all, she is irresistible. So go ahead and take your first steps into the streaming daylight and get lost in what New York City has in store for you.

Let’s begin… Brunch at Café Gitane? A great start. Stroll through the Village and poke in and out of the too many shops, cafes and bookstores. Try an artichoke pizza. Check out 5th Avenue next — perfect place to buy that girl back home something you know she will adore. After all, it’s a city that bleeds romance. Then maybe a quick game of ping pong while sipping through an afternoon at the Standard Hotel’s Biergarten? Then head to SoHo for a good dinner at one of the many delicious restaurant/bars. Which one, you ask? Just trust that you’ll stumble upon a gem. You always do.

And the night is hardly even a teen. It’s only half past nine and a setting sun is never the end of the day in this urban jungle. It’s merely the beginning of a new monster. Not a frightening, evil one, (although you can seek that if you wish) but an entirely new infinity. There is no limit to anything, ever. The city never sleeps so why should you? Grab a drink in Soho and hike over to the Up & Down around 1 A.M. Unless something else comes up. Plans change and you will change with them, again and again. Then again. Ever seen the sunrise in East Village?

It’s that spontaneous. This wonderfully raw city always seems to be a split second away from imploding and eating itself alive. It never does. Always survives, always thrives. And that’s exactly why we, as surfers, love it and need it. It is spontaneous, exciting and above all, beautiful. It’s an ocean. The sea and the city are siblings. Nature’s greatest gift and man’s ultimate creation. That easygoing beach lifestyle needs a good shake every once and then — unless you still want to be wearing hibiscus flowered boardshorts that droop below the knee. So let’s push for what I see as a perfect medium. Bring surfing back to the city! Show the models, artists, hotdog venders, pretzel pawners, Wall St. kingpins, Williamsburg bike priests, rappers, Broadwayfarers, homeless veterans, New York Yankees and common city hustlers the purity of a different kind of art and beauty: Surfing.

I hope to see this soon. Volcom recently partnered with Unsound Surf Shop and their inaugural pro contest was held last week in a combination of head-high runny lefts and quick wedgey rights. It trumped most WQS events this year. Held less than an hour out of the city by cheap, beer-friendly train, Long Beach is home to NY’s finest: Balaram Stack, among many other talents. While the event has seen its up and downs in the past, this partnership holds promise. Quiksilver tried it once and it was a huge success, despite a storm destroying much of the planned extracurricular events (we just want to see good surfing anyway). Then they canned it. Surfing was on the map in the big city, which means the world, and then it slipped away. Now Volcom, we put our trust in you. Pro/Am this year, WQS next year? So on and so forth? Let us nurture it and let it grow. In turn, we all can grow. Surfing needs this and New York needs that. Unless, of course, you’d rather rather hang on to your hibiscus shorts and have a huge night out in Torquay.

P.S. Congrats Killian “KilGar” Garland for dominating all event long.

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