4 cool GoPro accessories

These GoPro accessories will take your photography to a whole new level

GoPro cameras have taken the action sports world by storm—and rightfully so. A high-quality camera packed into a small, waterproof package has spurred a POV craze that sees no end in sight. While the camera is good to go right out of the packaging, with a few accessories you’ll be well on your way to Instagram infamy and shooting like a pro. Here are five GoPro accessories that are worth checking out …

4 cool GoPro accessories: POV Dive Buoy from SP Gadgets

POV Dive Buoy from SP Gadgets
There are a ton of great handles and mounts for GoPros, but what makes the POV Dive Buoy unique is that you can add water to the hollowed out handle to give it neutral buoyancy (good for diving) or leave it as is, which makes for a floating handle. Another cool aspect of the POV Dive Buoy is that when you let it go, the handle floats upright, with the bright orange being easily spotted in the surf should you lose it. Looking to partake in a little extracurricular activity in the kelp beds? The watertight makes for a great stash spot! MSRP: $69/amazon.com

4 cool GoPro accessories: KNEKT GP3+ trigger

KNEKT GP3+ trigger
I’ve been trying to shoot in the photo burst mode on my GoPro lately, but my clumsy fingers are always getting in the way, and it’s proven hard to push the button while six feet of wave is folding over you. I’ve resorted to filming in video mode, then taking a screen shot of the desired moment. It works, but the photos are low-res. The slick-looking KNEKT GP3+ contraption makes it so you can set your GoPro to photo burst mode and fire away without having to push the button on top of the camera. Your Instagram friends will love the high-resolution photos as opposed to grainy screen shots. MSRP: $149.99/amazon.com

4 cool GoPro accessories: GoPro Fetch harness

GoPro Fetch harness
 with the new GoPro Fetch mount. Whether you’re documenting Fido’s daily cat chase or his run in with the skunk that lives in the alley, hilarity is guaranteed to ensue when reviewing the Fetch footage. Heck, I don’t even like dogs, but this may warrant a change of heart. MSRP: $59.99/amazon.com

4 cool GoPro accessories: GoPro Red dive filter

GoPro Red dive filter
I was on a dive trip with Dave Wassel years ago and he had one of these filters that snaps onto the front of your GoPro. His footage was great—mine, not so much. At shallow depths, the footage comes out with a red tint, but dive a little deeper (Wassel was descending 90 feet), and the filter color corrects and allows a broader light spectrum to reach the camera sensor. The result is nice and bright despite the lack of light in the depths. A great product to use when spearfishing or scuba diving. MSRP: $69.99/amazon.com

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