What You Should Know About Body Glove

It is a good practice to wear a wetsuit even if you are not surfing in cold water. It not only keeps your body warm under the water but also protects your body from unwanted injuries. They are useful for underwater exploration, surfing and any other water sports. Because of their huge usability they are frequently used by divers, surfers and windsurfers. The insulation of the wetsuits depends on bubbles which are enclosed with the suits. These bubbles conduct heat and provide low density. The thickness of these suits is very important and it has a wide range, starting from 2 mm and goes up to 7 mm. However, this can go up to 14 mm around the torso. A 2 mm thick wetsuit is known as sortie where a full 7 mm is known as semi dry. The sortie covers just around the torso and the semi dry goes almost all the way and includes glove, hood and boots.
There are different types of wetsuits available in the market but when it comes to quality, Body Glove is definitely a certain choice. It has the best material for a wetsuit along with the most modern technology.

There are also a lot of choices. Whether you are a full grown adult or a child, man or woman, you will find a suitable Body Glove. It is very flexible, making your body movements easier in the water and it has excellent heat preservation ability. The 7 mm thick Body Gloves can hold on your body heat up to 35 degree of cold water. They are made of neoprene which is super flexible and can seal the suit with the body to keep a balance with the body temperature with the outside temperature.

If you are looking forward to buy a wetsuit for yourself, you need to go to a surf store. This cannot be found in sports store, let alone a regular cloth store. Especially if you are looking for a 7mm Body Glove, you have to take a visit to a really good surf store. Before you select a nice Body Glove for yourself, you have to make sure that it fits you perfectly. Wearing a tight suit is not a smart idea as it is not rare to see having physical problem from a too tight wetsuit. To prevent the water from flushing inside, you need to check the openings around the legs and sleeves and see if they press against your skin hard enough.

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