What You Need to Know If You Want to Learn to Surf

If you have ever given any thought to taking up surfing, there are a few things you should consider before hitting the waves.

To an outsider, surfing can seem like a daunting challenge with its all-consuming culture and way of life. It has its own language, sub cultures and beliefs that all take to adjust to. On top of that the actual sport requires a combination of skills such as balance, strength and endurance, not to mention the need to swim competently and confront fears brought on by man's battle with nature.

But like any sport, if you scratch the surface and find the right guidance, it can unlock a future of unparalleled joy, adrenalin and peace. If you're a beginner thinking about taking the plunge into the waves it is worth taking a moment to understand the journey you are about to undertake. For the commitment to this way of life brings a World of rewards and a new found freedom of spirit.

The Surfing lowdown
For many people surfing is a mixture of both sport and art. As with most arts a surfer uses his or her tools, in this case the surfboard, to express individuality, whether it be thoughts, emotions or style. And just like art a surfer's technique cannot be compartmentalised into simple categories ready for easy packaging.
Beyond this however there are even more factors to consider. Surfing has a culture all its own. To truly understand it, you have to learn the nuances of the language, the sports evolution and the accompanying dress code and ethos. For surfing informs your very approach to life.
For the professional, surfing has transitioned from a casual pastime to a way of life. For the true surfer, there is no greater love than riding the perfect wave. Passion and commitment to the sport can easily become fanatical.

What makes a surfer?
So just who is a true surfer? Is he or she a competitive athlete, an artist, or even a fanatic whose love for the sport can take over his or her life? Factor in the huge commercial industry of products and services that surfing has generated, in many cases as a result of work undertaken by the pioneers in the sport, and the task of condensing surfing into a single comprehensive definition is truly mindboggling.

But you know what? When you really break it down it hardly matters. At the end of the day, all that should matter is each person's relationship with their surfboard and the sea, the fun that comes from having close knit surf buddies and the freedom that goes with it all. The adrenaline you feel the first time you stand up on that surfboard and ride the waves is something that lives close to your heart always. On your journey you will meet people from all parts of the world who share your passion and give you never-ending excuses for new adventures on foreign fields.

In the end surfing makes you realize that regardless of your skill level or how often you ride, the discovery of the sport is something that makes your life infinitely better and more thrilling than it was before. And if you need any further explanation on just how exciting surfing can be, then grab your board, get your buddies together, and try it out for yourself because there's only one way you're ever going to really find out!

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