The Hottest Surf Spots at San Francisco Bay Area - For an Excellent Surfing Experience

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Surfing forms a superb mode of entertainment for the visitors as well as the residents of San Francisco. It is a surfer's city. San Francisco Bay sports some of the hottest bays. There is some fairly clean surf to have fun with the heat wave. Wherever you are in the city you will always reach the ocean in not more than 10 minutes.

The San Francisco Ocean Beach is six feet long and offers long clean rides and offshore winds. Once you think of surfing you get the vivid image of gorgeous coastlines and killer waves. You can avail the public transport or simply a bike ride to go to various shores of San Francisco.

To start with Fort Point can be a good spot to try surfing. It is lined by the Golden Gate Bridge. It boasts engulfed coves and great waves. Because of its fame you will always find a huge crowd at this surf point.
Another great surf spot is the South Ocean Beach. It actually works well for the people who are in their intermediate stage or have crossed it and is a full-fledged surfer. The shore is 3 miles long. The waves are highly unpredictable and the turns are extremely challenging.

Sharp Park has a long and an open beach stretching from the Sloat Street to the Daly City headland. Access is not too easy and thus only a few surfers are found here. You can find lots of reefs at Ano Nuevo. A big left on the Northern Side of the Ano Nuevo Island is dancerou for surfers. The small right on the southern part of the island is a great surf spot.

Beginners can try surfing at the Pacifica/Linda mar. It is a beach that is one-mile long in between the Pedro Point and the North Point. The Pedro Point is another small community for surfers which is quite popular. The Montara Beach deserves a special mention as it forms a novelty spot. One needs to pay $7.50 to get in.

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