Surfing - Get Hooked for Life

Racing down the line on a breaking wave is one of the most exhilarating experiences on earth. You are tapping an energy produced by Mother Nature and you are no mere spectator-you are moving with it, feeling its speed, dominating the force. And when you're done, you paddle back out and do it again. Be forewarned: Once you drop in and fire one off down the line, you will be hooked for life!

Like most of life's worthwhile pursuits, surfing requires preparation, skill, and the right surf products. To really master the sport, dedication is essential, especially in your physical training since the ocean's bounty can really pack a punch.

The ingredients of a successful surf session are simple, but take a lifetime to understand and master. Constantly changing waves, winds, and tides are what make surfing so dynamic: Conditions are always changing at a particular location, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. And if you are at the right break at the right time with the right surf products, there is nothing more magical than perfect waves showing up to give you the rides of your life.

The Break: To surf, you will need a surf spot, a place where ride-able waves are breaking. Most ocean beaches and large bodies of water, including bays and even the Great Lakes, produce waves you can ride. Your geographic location will soon teach you one of surfing's basic life lessons: Does your area have consistent, surf-able waves or will you be driven insane with only decent waves once in a blue moon? Some parts of the world deal outstanding waves to the point where surf travelers can plan week-long trips and almost be guaranteed the session of their lives. In fact, for inland-bound people and those whose home breaks don't quite cut it, surf safaris are a way of life. So pack up you surf products and hit the road.

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