Hyperflex and Jet Pilot Wetsuits The Story Behind the Wetsuit

The Hyperflex wetsuits are actually a part of the Henderson Aquatics, which was established in 1965. The company is based out of Southern New Jersey. Henderson Aquatics' first attempt to enter the surf wetsuit market was in the nineties, under the name Surf East. But due to various reasons this had to shut shop soon. But Henderson Aquatics were persistent and so in 2002, they again entered the surf wetsuit market with the Hyperflex wetsuits and a goal to provide top quality for the best prices. Their persistence and nearly 40 years of experience paid off. The Hyperflex wetsuits, their new venture turned out to be a success, with huge sales not only in the US but also with a recognizable international presence. The Hyperflex Amp wetsuit series have built in many features into one very affordable wetsuit. These features include, superstretch neoprene material, Liquid taped, sealed and blind-stitched seams so that the suit would be durable and Aerodome panels to keep you super warm. The Hyperflex Flow series seeks to provide maximum flexibility while on board; for this the a combination of 6 way stretch AMP stretch and 4 way superstrech neoprene has been used and instead of the back zip a diagonal G-lock chest zip has been used. The Hyperflex cyclone series gives you amazing value for your money. Even on a smaller budget these Hyperflex wetsuits give you a 4 way superstretch neoprene, duratex knee pads and excellent seams. They also include hooded wetsuits amongst these various offerings.

Jet pilot wetsuits are one of the best wetsuit providers in the surf market. In addition to surfing apparel and gear, they also specialize in those related to racing, wakeboarding and watercrafting. There is a variety of Jet Pilot wetsuits offered in the market. One of these is the Jet Pilot Super Comp series. The super comp wetsuit is the perfect high performance wetsuit. It has got 2MM performance construction, is 90% magic stitched for longevity, has been sealed through out with slick gel, has got flex life ultra stretch neoprene for excellent insulation and a hydro dam barrier. The Jet Pilot Chamber series offers some of the most technically advanced wetsuits. It has reverse 100% magic stitching to keep the water completely out, exterior slick gel seal, flex lite, ultra water resistant neoprene to ensure the wetsuit's durability, an ultra clean chest zip entry to allow all room for flexibility and a 3D pattern system for the perfect fit.

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