How To Make Surfboard Wax

Want to know how to make surfboard wax?
What for you might ask? Especially since you can get it for a dollar a bar, its three dollars where I live, but still it's hardly worth the hassle right? Right.

But why not have a go at it at least once. DIY will make you more knowledgeable and that much more of a complete surfer.

There are a lot of different recipes to make surf wax, and they all seem to be guarded as closely as the original Col. Sanders Chicken Recipe. Its just wax.

Most surf wax on the market today use a whole slew of chemicals and for those wanting to have a go at making their own, these (petroleum based) recipes are near impossible to make. Seriously where are you supposed to get some of the ingredients like Vistanex polyisobutylenes, I think Exxon mobile might sell it or something like that and unless you plan on making a thousand bars I don't think it is economically viable for a home based project.

Making an organic based surf wax is so much easier. I am not knocking the petroleum-based surf wax; I use it all the time. But it can't hurt to make an organic wax and if it works just as well then that's one less part of surfing dependent upon petroleum.

There are only two ingredients you need to make a warm water organic surf wax

  • Beeswax
  • Coconut Oil

That's it! Add tree resin if you want a cold-water temp wax. (Tree resin is a little tricky to get but you can buy it in a granulated form or tap a tree)

The Recipe:
Warm Water: 4 parts Beeswax to 1 part coconut oil.
Cold Water: 4 parts Beeswax to 1 part coconut oil and 1 part resin.

Parts Needed:

  • Double Boiler (two pots one bigger than the other, fill the bigger one with a bit of water, place the smaller one inside the big, this is where your ingredients will go)
  • Bees Wax can be bought from many different places.
  • Coconut Oil you can either make the oil or buy it from a store.
  • Tree Sap (cold water recipe only) able to buy in store or tap a tree.
  • Wax Molds practically any thing can be used like ice cube trays or any sort of old cup.
  • Something to stir the ingredients like a wooden spoon.

Melt the ingredients in a double boiler and stir constantly, when it is all liquefied pour into a mold. Wait for it to cool/harden up and there you go. This is a very basic recipe there are certainly more complicated organic recipes out there but this should do you all right.

I have made the warm water recipe and it works great, really sticky and smells good also. One thing to consider is to play around with the ratios to get harder/softer wax. My wax I made is a bit soft for warm water so it tends to need to be comed or rewaxed before each surf, which is no big deal.

Good Luck.

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