Heart Rate Training For Surfing Fitness

This chart may seem a little advanced a rougher guide could go:

Low end training low intensity would be around 60-70% of your max HR
Mid end training mid range intensity could go around 70-80% of your max HR
High end training sub maximal high level intensity could go 85% + of your max HR
As a surfer taking your HR up past the high end level of aerobic fitness and across to anaerobic training can be highly beneficial this would be very near maximal effort in running or swimming terms and this is known as high anaerobic.

If you don't fancy using the HR system then you can try "THE PERCEIVED RATE OF EXERTION CHART."
This is a very simple chart but can be used by everybody at all levels of fitness.
Use this simple scale of 1-10.
At rest

1) Non exercise heart rates
Low level activity - sitting or walking

2) Non exercise heart rates
Light exertion such as a gentle jog

3) Non exercise heart rates
Normal walk

4) Non exercise heart rates
Brisk walking

5) Non exercise heart rates
Med-fast-paced walking

6) 60% MHR low end aerobic
Breathing becomes more difficult

7) 65%-75% MHR mid end aerobic
Breathing very heavily, talk just OK

8) 80% MHR high end aerobic
Sweating, talk not possible

9) 85%+ MHR anaerobic +
Max effort hard to maintain

10) 90-100% MHR
Although this chart is very basic, it's very useful. If you're new to exercise then it can be a great help in working out how much effort is going in.
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