Fitness Training for Surfers

Building Strength for Surfing Fitness - Strength during surfing movements can be gained by resistance training but not just any strength type training will do, for example there are specific types of strength training for specific sports, different intensities and weights that if done on a regular basis will give different outcomes.
This type of training isn't just about lifting weights, yes indeed weight training can be highly beneficial to surfing strength however, there are a vast range of strength training types that can also be of great benefit.
The ability to generate strength is a very important component for success in many sports, particularly in those involving explosive movements such as surfing. For this type of training to be a factor in surfing performance there are key areas to take into consideration, for example for true strength gains to take place it is wise to look at just what surfing movements your trying to strengthen and why.

The strength exercises must be functional for that move, for example if your goal is to improve the upper body for improved paddle fitness you wouldn't lift massive weights which could restrict your (ROM) range of movement. During surfing performance, endurance is a key factor, paddling out plays a major part in surfing at whatever level, and whatever size the surf is, for a surfer to use strength training to improve their paddle power then endurance strength training would be the key. By endurance strength training we mean long sets of high reps of nonstop exercises that promote strength gains.

Element 1
Hypertrophy:Synonymous with most people's perception of strength training, hypertrophy refers to increased muscle bulk and size. This is only one aspect of a sport specific strength training program and one that should be included for only a select group of athletes. Football and rugby players require significant bulk to withstand very aggressive body contact. For most athletes however, too much muscle bulk is a hindrance. And remember that a larger muscle is not necessarily a stronger muscle.

Element 2
Strength Endurance:Explosive power is not always the predominant goal of the strength training program. For events such as distance running, cycling, swimming and rowing, strength endurance is a major limiting factor. Again, the greater amount of starting maximal strength, the more of it can be maintained for a prolonged period.

Strength endurance can be developed through own body weight exercises like pull ups or press ups or the use of low weights and high repetitions, again it is important to say that strength training for surfers should not restrict surfing movements and this should be taken into account when designing a surf fitness program.

Element 3
Explosive Power is a key element when developing a strength program for surfers, the dynamic movements are key to performance so any strength training should be aimed at this area as a priority.

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