Are You the Type That Would Make a Surfboard? All Ages Are Learning How to Make a Plywood Surfboard

Building a surfboard is a satisfying task that many people have chosen to attempt and have succeeded. The surfer that is tired of surfing the same boards that are stamped out in "pop-out surfboard" fashion will find a challenge in building a surfboard that is built by him or her and for him or her. Older surfers are also typical surfboard makers since they usually have more spare time. This spare time can be filled with the long time desire of many surfers to build a surfboard. These classic "sliver surfers" can produce amazing boards that will be enjoyed for generations since their patience lead them to build classic hollow long board surfboards with sometimes intricate inlays and designs in the wood.

Another demographic that are found building surfboards are the teenage surfers. This may come as a surprise since most teenagers are interested in more performance designed surfboards. These younger surfers build surfboards usually with their parent, mentor, or community group like boy scouts, boys club, or church youth group. This skill building activity can give young teens a needed boost of self esteem and accomplishment when they show their peers how they can build a wooden surfboard. Creating a wooden surfboard can be a wonderful relationship building experience for fathers and sons also. The hours spent building a surfboard with youth can be a lasting experience that live on for years and shape character while shaping a wood surfboard. Take the time to make a surfboard no matter how old you are and you will have a wooden surfboard to be proud of for years to come.

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