5 Places to Surf That Have Gnarly Waves

On the right day with a good swell coming out of deep channels the beach breaks in France are some of the best in the world. Swells can increase in size very quickly and if your not surf fit you can find yourself frantically duck diving powerful lips ready to send you spiraling towards the ocean floor. On a good day in France you can expect fantastic powerful and hollow waves that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Costa Rica
There are many exceptional surfing spots in South America yet the wild life combined with intensity of the waves in Costa Rica are hard to beat. Be very careful in certain seasons surfing close to river mouths where crocodiles frequently enter the line up. This certainly is a gnarly situation that no amount of surfing training can prepare for. Crocodiles aside, Costa Rica has some exceptional fast breaking waves that hold good size and picks up a lot of swell from many directions. This sometimes makes in interesting when two different swells arrive on one break to challenge every surfing skill that you have.

Australia is one of the best surfing destinations in the world that produces consistent quality waves. Finding gnarly spots depends on the swell size and location and like Costa Rica comes with a truckload of poisonous and dangerous wild life to steer clear of. If your looking for shallow reefs, rocky points or heavy beach breaks, you will find them all here. Once again, it is a wise move to have your surfing training completed before being humbled by the power of the nice looking Australian waves.

Indonesia is a swell magnet that consists of hundreds of coral reefs and islands producing some of the most consistent, heavy and challenging surf. Getting an adrenaline rush from dropping into waves throughout Indonesia is rite of passage every surfer should at least try to experience. Surfing fitness and surf training is important as swells, currents and shallow reefs and long paddles can test even the strongest of surfers.

Hawaii has always been known as the big wave spot around the world and continues to carry this honor. Anyone wishing to push their limits and find bone crushing waves only has to arrive on the North Shore for the Triple Crown surfing competition and check out the action. Like Indonesia, surfing training and fitness is of paramount importance in Hawaii where many huge waves break over very shallow reefs.

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