What to Look for When Buying a Used Surfboard

When purchasing a surfboard, you have two main options. You can purchase a new model and pay a significant amount of money on it, or you can spend less with a used model. Both options may be a good choice, depending on your specific needs. Yet, for those people who want to save money, the biggest mistake that can be made is not purchasing a good-quality board that will last several years.

Look for Dings

The most common concern with used surfboards is the risk of dings. Dings change the overall function of the surfboard, especially when the dings are significant or there are several. The more dings present, the lower the quality of the board. Most importantly, talk to a professional about how expensive it will be to fix the dings, especially any that expose the board's interior.

Spot Previous Repairs

Along with dings, look at the previous repairs done on the surfboard. If present, you want to know the repairs were done by a professional. This can make a big impact on the overall value of any surfboard. When buying a surfboard, remember that the only value these boards have is whether or not they are stable and efficient on the waves. Too many repairs make a surfboard worthless.

Look for Water Damage

Water damage is another risk factor and one many people do not pay attention to enough. If you notice any water logging, in which a ding allowed the water to penetrate into the interior of the surfboard, this should be a surfboard you avoid. Look for any yellowing or spots located around dings present on the board. Avoid these as this indicates a damaged surfboard and is difficult to repair.

Pick a Surfboard That Fits You

Even though you are purchasing a used surfboard, you still want to invest in one that is right for your specific needs. To do this, know what style is right for you. Shortboards, for example, are best for those with moderate or better experience. If you are after a board for a beginner, focus on a longboard instead. Be sure it is the right length, width, and thickness for your needs, too.

Consider the Usability of the Surfboard

Consider how usable the board is next. To check this, hold the board upright. Then, squeeze the rails. The rails should remain firm to the touch. If the rails are too soft or sponge-like, this means the surfboard is less usable and less worth the investment.

Buying a surfboard in used condition is worthwhile if you know what to buy. Instead of purchasing one off the street like this, turn to a surf shop that offers used surfboards. This way, if there are any dings present, you can feel confident that the repairs were made professionally. You cannot expect a used surfboard to be in perfect condition, but you can expect an overall good level of usability present. If that is lacking, there is no benefit to purchasing the surfboard especially if it will be expensive to repair.

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