(Video) Skimboarding the Wedge in Newport Beach

The skimboarder is a sometimes maligned member of the surfing community. People tend to associate the sport with quite uncoordinated men running at fast pace and falling flat on their faces in two inches of water. This, however, is unfair, as riding what is effectively a thin layer of plywood at high speeds is very, very difficult. Recently Brad Domke has shown what skimboarders are capable of by successfully riding barreling waves in Mexico and creating huge interest in the sport.

This clip above by Andre Magarao will also help further cements skimboarders’ credibility. A crew of standout skimboarders including Paulo Prietto, George Bryan, Travis Williams, Grant Noble, Mike Hickey, Sam Stinnett, and Blair Conklin take to the infamous Wedge in Newport Beach, California, riding some big barrels with style as well as handling some hideous wipeouts. And all without the need to paddle.

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