The First Webber Wavepool will be on the Sunshine Coast

After all the chatter, we have a real geographical setting for Greg Webber’s first Wavepool: Glenview, on the Sunshine Coast. Part of a new $90 million waterpark that’ll give the Gold Coast a real good run for tourism bragging rights, the Sunshine Park planning application has been lodged by developers Waterplay Pty Ltd (who you’ll know from such wavepools as Wadi in the UAE and Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia).

There’ll also be watersides, canoeing, a 120-room hotel, restaurants and a holiday village too, but you don’t really care about that. The only thing you really wanna know about the 24ha site off Steve Irwin Way is that the surf pool is top of the running order for development (given priority over tourism accom and all that other jazz), and will be reeling off crumbling rights and lefts by 2016. Or, as Greg is insisting, perhaps we’ll see four foot barrels…

The wave itself is proposed to break continuously and without end. It can accommodate multiple surfers at once. The wave height and shape can be altered within seconds in the oval water park. It breaks into a normal depth of water, exactly like an ocean wave, with a softer surface underneath, so if you do hit the bottom, it’ll be spongy. Greg believes that the gradient has been too gradual on wave pool attempts thus far, meaning development of perfect gradients for different wave stages has been a real area of focus within his project.

And so, we keep waiting…

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