Surfing Jobs

Having a job that you are passionate about can help lead to a happy and fulfilling life. If you enjoy spending all day on the beach, and you are a talented surfer, there are a number of jobs available for you. Surfing jobs require that you have the ability to not only surf, but also surf well. Check out this article to learn more about surfing jobs.

Stunt Double

With an increasing interest in surfing across the country, surfing has been featured in numerous new movies and television shows. Since many actors are not familiar with surfing, production companies hire stunt doubles to surf for them during filming. To become a stunt double you must contact a talent agency and record a video of your surfing talent. You may be asked to perform risky or dangerous actions on the surfboard, so be aware of that before signing on to anything.

Surf Instructor

If you are both a talented surfer and an effective teacher you may consider teaching surfing. Surf lessons are often available at numerous beachfront resorts. Your job will be to teach both novice and seasoned surfers not only how to be surf, but also advanced surfing techniques. One positive of being a surf instructor is that you get to, or in some people's cases continue to, live in a warm, sunny environment and teach something you'll enjoy all year-round.
Surf Tour Guide
If you are a friendly person with effective communication skills you may consider being a surf guide. As a surf guide, you will take people of varying skill levels on surfing excursions. This could range from helping them find the best waves or hidden spots to actually bringing them out in the ocean with you to catch one of the big ones. As a surf tour guide, you may be expected to teach surfing to some degree as well.

Professional Surfer

If you have the skill and the passion, one of the most profitable surfing jobs is that of a professional surfer. As a professional surfer, you will be expected to compete in national surfing events, and of course perform at a high level. If you are able to do well in a few competitions, you will gain sponsorships, which will help you make money. Becoming a professional surfer takes just as much skill as it does luck, so make sure to have a plan B, in case it doesn't fall through.

Surfboard Designer

If you love surfing and also designing or engineering, you may consider working for a custom surfboard design company. Jobs at custom surfboard companies range from actually constructing the surfboard to designing the graphics that will be placed on the board. Owning a custom surfboard business can be highly profitable. The best part is you will have to test every surfboard before you sell it, so you will still get to actively surf.

Surfing jobs maybe just what you are looking for to help you live the life you have dreamed of. Some of the jobs you may consider include professional surfer and surf guide. You may also consider being a surf instructor, stunt double, or custom surfboard designer, or engineer. Whatever career you choose, make sure to always leave time for surfing for the personal pleasure and thrill.

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