Surfer Glasses for Outdoor Enthusiasts

In recent years, surf-inspired style has become an important part of mainstream American culture. Surfers are everywhere you look, from music to movies to fashion. While some surf-inspired items just seem to be part of a fad, others have gained popularity because they are practical for a number of other situations. Surf-inspired sunglasses are tough, sleek, and water-resistant. Here are some things to consider when choosing surfer glasses for non-surfing, general watersport use.

UV Protection

Surfers need sunglasses to deal with the bright conditions they encounter on the ocean. The direct sunlight contains UV rays that can harm the eyes, just like they can cause sunburns on the skin. Prolonged exposure to high levels of UV rays can cause damage to the retinas. UV protection reduces the amount of UV rays that enter the eyes. For this reason, it is recommended that surfers wear glasses that feature some form of UV protection. However, it's not only surfers who can benefit from this protection. Other outdoor athletes (including boaters, skiers, and more) and well as regular anyone in tropical areas can benefit from these surf-inspired glasses.


Surfers encounter bright reflections on the water. These reflections can be distracting and can create glare, making it hard to see clearly. Polarized lenses cut down on glare by blocking reflected light. In general, light waves vibrate in all directions. However, after being reflected, most light waves vibrate horizontally (scientists call this "horizontal polarization"). Surfer glasses are designed to block horizontally polarized light, greatly reducing the amount of glare and reflections you will see. Reducing glare is useful in other contexts as well, such as when driving on a brightly lit highway.


There are a number of major brands (including Billabong, Oakley, and Ray Ban) that offer a variety of surf-inspired frame shapes. Because surfing is an active sport, these frames are designed to stay on your face even in extreme conditions. The arms grip your ears and head tightly to ensure the glasses don't come off after rapid movements. The lenses sit snugly on the bridge of your nose to ensure the glasses don't slip around. If you are worried the glasses will fall off, consider adding a neck strap so that they will stay on your body even if they do fall. Some glasses even come with this strap already attached.

Water Resistance

A key feature of surfing is that it takes place at the beach. For this reason, surf-inspired glasses are designed to withstand water, whether it's a small splash or complete immersion. Surfer glasses are generally made out of plastic or non-corrosive metals. You don't need to worry about your sunglasses rusting if they get wet.

This feature can be extremely useful in other contexts as well. Consider buying waterproof or water-resistant glasses for any watersports, and also for any activities where perspiration is likely to get on your glasses.

Surfer glasses have a number of key traits that makes them useful for other activities. Surf-inspired eyewear is not only stylish, but also practical for outdoor activities. Many different brands offer surfer sunglasses at many different price points. With a little searching, you'll find a pair that fits your needs and budget.

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