Super Flex Pro Teck Fins: Not Just for Beginners

Some people surf without fins, while others like to surf with up to four. If you do decide to use fins, it's important to get a pair that will enhance your style, and not hamper it. Pro Teck's Super Flex fins are a favored starting fin, both for their flexibility and affordability. But should they only be used for beginners?


Pro Teck makes a wide variety of fins to suit different purposes. The Super Flex fin, as its name suggests, has an incredibly soft core, especially compared to other fins by the same brand. The fins are red with yellow edging, and are only available in one color.
The Super Flex fins are available in three different sizes: 4.5 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches. Each fin is purchased individually, and then combined in your favorite configuration. If you choose to go with a three fin setup, it's generally a good idea to use one of the larger fins in the center, and two fins on either side of it.


The reason that the Super Flex fins are so popular for beginners is that they make turning incredibly easy. The soft core inherent to the design offers just enough resistance to be useful, but bends just enough to let you go where you please. While the fins aren't going to cut through water like some of their sleeker counterparts, they will certainly help show you why using fins is important.

Super Flex fins are also attractive because of their safety. The fins have a blunt edge and are made of foam. For any surfer who has wiped out, only to have their board come flying back at them, a soft fin reduces concern. Because the fin is so flexible, you don't have to worry about breaking it, just as you don't have to worry about it hurting you. Of course, all Pro Teck fins have flexible edges to a point; the Super Flex simply takes it to the extreme.

Unfortunately, that flexibility has a downside: these fins just aren't as fast as others. The blunt edges and soft core are great for safety, but they can slow you down right when you need it. If you decide to use a three fin configuration, consider only using the Super Flex for your center fin, and using a different Pro Tech fin for the side fins to increase your overall speed.


Super Flex fins turn smoothly. The flexibility generates extra pressure on the sides of the fin, allowing you to move through water easier. In addition, they are safe and can prevent a wide variety of surfing injuries. Finally, the fins will fit in almost any fin box, including all of the standard brands, so you can use them with your preexisting board.


If you're looking for speed, the Super Flex fins aren't the way to go. The flexibility can slow you down a little; and when you're riding a large wave, a little slowness is the opposite of what you need. Finally, the bright red and orange clashes with a variety of board schemes. This isn't much to sacrifice for safety, but if you tend to color code all of your surfing gear, it can be rather annoying.

Pro Teck's Super Flex fins are perfect for beginners, and great for everyone else. The slowness is a fine sacrifice for the safety and the maneuverability you gain. When your surf leash accidentally swings your board around, both you and your fellow surfers will be glad that the fin is made of foam. Even a professional enjoys a smooth, easy ride once in a while, and these fins give you that. So while you probably don't want to race with them on, the Super Flex fins are great for a casual day of fun on the waves.

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