Staying Fit With a Surf Balance Board

The surf balance board may have been created for skiers and surfers to train in the off-season, but it can be very useful for anyone looking to stay fit. It works the same muscles and develops the same balance that surfing would develop, but you can use it and practice it in the leisure of your own living room. You will need to pick a good-quality surf balance board, just for safety's sake, but the good news is that any fun exercise that you enjoy with it will be all you need. And if you want to take everything that little bit further you can also use a more advanced version of the balance board that is now making its way into gyms across the country.

The Design Purpose of the Surf Balance Board

The surf balance board was designed so that skiers and surfers could use it to work on their skills, muscles, and balance in the off-season. That means the balance board will work every group of muscles in your body that actually surfing or skiing would. It may not feel like it is as intensive workout such as actually doing sit-ups or push-ups. But because it is also a game with a specific goal you may find that you are shedding pounds without actually feeling that you are working out.

Choosing the Right Surf Balance Board

If you have never worked with a surf balance board it can be rather difficult to pick the right one for you, because you will need to check several things about it. First, you need to make sure that the board is the right width for your height. Second, you need to make sure that the rolling mat is sturdy enough to take your weight and that it will hold its almost round shape but not be distorted by months of constant use. And, finally, you need to make sure that the board itself is reinforced and that it will not crack under your weight.

Exercises You can do With a Balance Board

The truth is that you can use the board for a huge range of exercises, from push-ups to balance exercise. Even with classic exercises like push-ups, using the board brings a new challenge for the muscles because they need to work to keep you balanced as well as going through the motions. However, the best thing that you can do with the board is to simply sit on it and play around, gently rolling from one side to the other and simply enjoying it. That is its primary function, and even using it just to have fun you are sure to get a very good, complete workout.

The Ultimate Balance Board

As you really start practicing and learning how to use a surf balance board you may want to experiment with a more advanced board. That is when you will have to call around the gyms in your area to see if they have the Surf Set Fitness Board. It looks a lot more like a surfing board and creates a closer match for the actual experience of surfing. You can buy your own for about $400, but it's best to try it at a gym before actually spending the money.

The key to successfully using a surf balance board is to practice only those exercises that you really enjoy. After a while, as you start seeing results, you can start adding more results-oriented exercises like push-ups. Ultimately you might even pick up surfing or skiing, but before you do that you will need to try out the Surf Set board. Start with a simple surf balance board and make sure you pick a good-quality one that you will be able to use for a few years.

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