Quad Fins for Surfing = Speed + Control + Large Surf

Surfing is the perfect way to get some exercise, relieve stress, and reconnect with Mother Nature. Having the right type of board and fin set up is essential to having a good surf session. Retro quad fin fish surfboards have regained popularity because of their unique design and unique advantages. Read on to find out a little more about how a quad fin performs and if it is for you.


One of the most notable advantages to the quad fin design is that it gives the board some truly impressive speed. While the common three fin thruster design is practical for a more stable ride, the middle tail fin does create some drag and can slow the surfboard down. Since the quad fin design lines up the fins along the rail, the water flows easily out from the tail of the board. This means the quad fin gets going fast naturally, without much effort from the rider.

Response and Control

More fins mean more control regardless of experience level or board. A rider feels more drive in a turn on a quad fin. Surfers notice that in bigger waves the board also holds a higher line. The bottom line is that quad fins have faster response time and greater maneuverability.

Large Surf

The quad fin can rip small waves but also has great holding power and control in large waves as well. The quad fin has more stability for surfing with both sets of fins being close to the rail. The speed of the quad fin is also ideal for outrunning the monster wave crashing behind you.

That Loose Feel

The quad fin can feel a little loose in the wave's face. The difference is because the third, middle fin on a thruster works as a tracking fin. The quad fin offers a lot of drive, extra speed, and good control. It should be noted however that it takes some time and practice to get the bottom turns just right because of the looseness.

Whether you want to carve some small waves or take on some double overheaders the quad fin is worth looking into. The versatility of the quad fin makes it a good choice for just about anyone. One thing to keep in mind is the extreme speed of the quad fin. If you can handle the speed this board can make for some amazingly fun rides.

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