Learn Something New: Surf at School

Some people go to school to learn reading, writing, or arithmetic. Besides the traditional curriculum you encounter at school, you can also learn to surf at school. There are several educational facilities that can teach you everything you need to know about watersports, and one of the most popular watersports people like to learn to master is surfing. Here are some of the basics you can expect to learn at surf school.

How Long does Surf School Usually Last?

How long surf school lasts depends on how much you want to learn. There are simple courses you can take that don't require a big time commitment. These classes typically last half a day or even just a few hours. There are other surf schools that have a more intense level of study. These schools typically offer courses that last from a day or two up to a week-long intensive course, where you surf from sunrise to sunset.

Are There Age Requirements for Surf School?

Some surf schools set up age requirements for their classes, but this varies from school to school. Surf schools typically divide their curriculum by age or ability level. There are some schools that use a combination of age and ability to determine who goes into what class. There are some children who learned to surf almost as soon as they were able to walk, and some surfers who are well into the twilight of their lives still riding the waves. When it comes to surf school, age is not usually as much a consideration as are swimming and water abilities.

Where are Some of the Best Surf Schools?

There are surf schools all over the world, and each one offers a uniquely different experience. Some surf schools are located near bodies of water that produce soft swells and sandy beaches, which are helpful for new surfers who are learning the ropes. Other schools are located near beaches with more challenging waves, which offer experienced surfers the challenge they crave. Depending on what type of surfing education you crave, you would be sure to find a great surf school in California or Hawaiii. If you are looking outside of the U.S., Australia and Costa Rica offer great beaches for an educational surfing experience.

How Much does Surf School Cost?

The cost of surf school is dependent on several factors. The biggest factor is location. If you do not live near a surf school and need to travel, that will greatly impact the bottom line. Another factor that influences the price is the duration of the course you want to take. A course lasting only a few hours will cost less than a week-long intensive course. Finally, the other price factor is the experience of the surf instructor. A very reputable and established surf instructor will typically cost more than one who is less experienced.
Surf school is a great way to learn more about other watersports and how to surf. It is also an amazing way to enjoy the great outdoors. While surfing, you can take in the beauty Mother Nature has to offer, work on your tan, and meet new people. Surfing is also great exercise for your entire body.

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