Impact Surfboards

Impact Surfboards, based in Fort Pierce, Florida, has designed and assembled surfboards by the same name since 1978. The company is known for high tech boards designed especially for the waves. Since their beginning, Impact Surfboards has shaped as many as 25,000 boards and made a major impact in this watersport.


Impact surfboards were first conceived and made by Charles Williams. These boards display a particular amount of durability, and are topped in fiberglass to ensure minimal weather damage. Impact surfboards are designed for recreational surfers, and for those that takes the sport serious as well. The boards are equally pleasurable for beginner surfers, and add a kick to your surfing experience.


Impact surfboards are designed especially for those surfers that want to hit the waves with an impact. Because these surfboards are customized, they offer surfers a more stable ride when the waves are deep and forceful. These boards are specifically designed for people of all ages, and are assembled, shaped and distributed from the same place. The surfboards are topped in high tech fiberglass, which acts as an overall protector of the board.

In addition to providing a quality surfboard, Impact Surfboards allows surfers to chat and meet with other surfers. Surfers are also welcome to register for upcoming surfing events, and are able to win trophies, all which are displayed throughout the surf shop. Impact Surfboards also offers repairs and restorations on your customized board.

The man behind these boards, Mr. Williams, designs and shapes each board in accordance to the surfer's weight and their style of surfing. The size and customization of your board determines the cost. These durable boards are worth every penny, as they are created just for you.


There are various pros to using an Impact surfboard. Consumers applaud the fact that each board is customized and designed especially for them. They are even more excited about the boards' ability to ride the waves effortlessly. Beginner surfers like how the boards are made, saying they ensure comfort when riding the smaller waves. In all, these surfboards provide surfers with the comfort that they need to gain more experience in surfing, while making it more enjoyable. The company also welcomes "walk in" orders.


Impact surfboards are designed in Fort Pierce, Florida only. These boards are shaped and sold by the same person, although there are some ways to buy them online from previous owners. For this reason, surfers have expressed a desire that the boards be more accessible, and for the company to expand, providing surfers in other areas with the same experience.
Surfing is a sport that many people enjoy. Impact surfboards have been designed to provide surfers with the best surf possible. These customized boards are designed exactly how to your preference, and are shaped to fit your weight, height, and unique surfing style. What began as a local business slowly skyrocketed into decades of producing one of the most durable surfboards made.

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