Ding Repair for Your Surfboard

A ding in your surfboard can be more than a cosmetic problem. Even a very small crack can let in water and begin to rot away the core of your board. If you don't want to lose time and money by leaving your board at a repair shop, you can tackle the ding repair yourself. Follow the simple repair steps below and your board will be as good as new.


1.Gather Materials

The first step in repairing a ding in your surfboard is to gather your materials. You will need sandpaper, painting or masking tape, a scrap of fiberglass, resin and catalyst, and a little water. Make sure to have both low and high grit sandpaper on hand; you will need them for different stages of the project.

2.Sand the Area

First, use the low grit sand paper. Carefully sand the area around the ding. You want to leave a rough finish for the resin to adhere to. Don't sand too far down. You're not trying to completely erase the ding and you don't want to do further damage to your board.

3.Tape Off the Area

After you have sanded the area, tape off a small area around the ding. You want to leave some space to work with. Don't tape right up to the damage. Taping off your work area will keep the rest of your board clean.

4.Cut Fiberglass

Cut a small piece of fiberglass. The fiberglass should be slightly bigger than the ding. You will want some fiberglass to overlap from the damaged area onto the undamaged parts of the board.

5.Mix Resin

Mix your resin according to the directions. Make sure not to add too much catalyst or the resin will be brittle. Be careful not to get any resin on your hands.

6.Apply Resin and Fiberglass

Apply a small amount of resin directly to the dinged area of the board. Quickly place the fiberglass on top of the resin. Place a little more resin on top of the fiberglass patch. Make sure the patch is coated.


Let the resin dry. Remove the tape from your work area. Use the low grade sandpaper to sand the area again. Make sure to remove any rough edges from the fiberglass patch. Do not sand too much or you will sand through the resin you just applied.

8.Apply a Final Coat of Resin

Wipe the area clean. Then apply another thin coat of resin. This will be the final coat to go over the patch.

9.Wet Sand

Let the resin dry completely. Apply a small amount of water to the area. Gently sand over the water using the high grade sandpaper. When the area is smooth, wipe away the residue from the water and sandpaper.

10.Let it Dry

Let the resin cure for at least a day before using the board again. It's best to leave it for several days if possible. The patch will last longer if the resin has a chance to cure completely.

Completing ding repair on your surfboard is more than an achievement. It can save you money and make sure you don't lose valuable time on the water. Properly fixing a crack or ding can extend the life of your board. The steps above should ensure your board is watertight and ready to go.

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