Buying Your Child His or Her First Surfboard

When your son or daughter begins talking about surfing, you may want to rent a surfboard rather than purchasing one. After a few lessons, though, if he or she is still interested, it is well worth purchasing your child a board. However, avoid those inexpensive, non-branded products that are available in discount department stores. Instead, know what features and specifications are most important when selecting this type of surfboard.

Keep It Inexpensive

Since your child will outgrow it, there is very little benefit to simply purchasing a very expensive board. Rather, keep the costs lower, without overlooking quality. In most cases, you should put in about half as much as you would a high-quality surfboard you might buy for yourself. As an initial board, he or she will outgrow it and, in some cases, will not use it enough to wear it out. One other advantage of buying a decent board is that you can resell and recoup some of the money you spent, especially if you need to buy a longer board for your child.

No Dings

When purchasing a board, it is possible to purchase a used model. No matter if you are buying new or used, check the surface of the board very carefully.
If you notice any dings or changes in the board's surface that allows the foam to show, do not buy it. Any delamination (splitting) of the board indicates damage that you will want to avoid. Avoid purchasing these whenever possible.

Keep It Big

Depending on your child's age and height, you will want to decide if a child's board is a good idea or if it would be best to purchase an adult-sized board. For a beginner, the board should be 7-feet long and 19 to 21 inches wide for anyone that is more than 5 feet tall. If your child is shorter than this, have the child measured for a board at a shop. Always choose one that is at least two or three inches thick as well.

Easy to Carry

When purchasing a board, especially for a younger child, it needs to be lightweight. Choose a board that is made to be lightweight enough that he or she can easily carry it. This is another instance in which going to the pro shop is best. Your child can be properly fitted for the board. He or she can also hold it and determine if it is light enough to carry easily. You may also want to invest in a surfboard carry bag or sling to make carrying it easier for your child as well as help protect the board.

Do Not Buy for Shape

A mistake often made is purchasing a surfboard based on its shape. This is less important than any other feature. You do not need a tail shape. You also do not need to worry about the number of fins on it. As a beginner, this is not necessary. As the child improves his or her skills, a preference may develop. You do not want to invest now in the wrong type of surfboard.

Once your child gains some experience, his or her opinion can count in the selection a surfboard. Before that, however, allow a professional from the pro shop to help guide this decision. A quality surfboard will cost you a significant amount of money, even if it is a child's surfboard. Yet, once he or she begins to use this higher quality surfboard, it will be worth it. Many times, this can make a big difference in the child's ability to do well.

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