The Wave: Bristol has been approved

The world's first public Wavegarden has been granted green light to operate in the United Kingdom. "The Wave: Bristol" will be a reality in 2016.

The South Gloucestershire Council has officially approved the construction of "The Wave: Bristol," a surf park surrounded by gardens, barefoot trails, lakes, foraging areas, and swimming pool.

"It's been a long three years. I can't believe we've finally made it. It's very emotional," says Nick Hounsfield, co-founder of the project.

"The Wave: Bristol" will use the Wavegarden technology. It will be the first official installment of the artificial wave concept developed by Jose Manuel Odriozola and Karin Frisch.

The technology is designed to generate 120 waves per hour, and with a height of up to 1.6 metres, providing a good surfer with a 20-30 second ride.

The Bristol surf pool has the potential of having up to 80 surfers in the water at any one time due to the layout of the lagoon. Sustainability will drive the entire project.

Europe's first surf pool will cost £6.2 million to build. The 40-acre development is set for Washingpool Farm.

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