The best surfboard wall racks

Storing surfboards requires space and security. Surfboard wall racks are the best way to lay your sticks to rest, and make them last longer.

It's always difficult to pick the best place to store surfboards. Surfers want to have immediate access to their favourite planks, and they surely look good in any wall.

There are three ways of keeping your surfboards organized and displayed. You can store them in vertical mode - just like we see them in surf shops - or we may get them horizantally, with the deck against the wall or upwards.

Depending on the number of surfboards owned, space availability and need for mobility, you may pick different wall racks. Garage, living room, bedroom, shaping room, it's up to you to choose the best place.
Surfboard wall racks can be made of soft foam, steel, aluminium, wood and even plastic/PVC. These simple storage systems will also reduce the number of board cracks and ding repairs.

"Sparehand Systems Black Wall Rack" can be mounted anywhere. It comes with a padded cradle to protect your boat. Safety strap is included, too. Only $90.

"Surfdogz 4-Surfboard Wall Rack" offers a popla base, stained and finished with gloss lacquer. The tubular steel pegs are foam padded with protective end caps. Only $83.

"T-Rax Surfboard Wall Rack" is the original billet aluminum wall rack. Surfboard support bars angle upward at 15 degrees and are covered with high quality UV rated foam padding. Only $99.

"Surfboard Rack Upright and Compact Wall Display" keeps your surfboard close to the wall and out of the way. Made of solid ash, stained and finished with clear polycrylic. Only $79.

"Nice Rack Surf Racks" are made from recycled ASB plastic. The system is designed to hold two surfboards. Only $60.

"Hawaiian Gun Rack" is targeted to surfers who like to store the board as an artwork. A classic, solid and steady pick. Only $49.

"Seattle Sports SUP/Surfboard Wall Cradles" are a simple option with padded arms. It can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Only $45.

"Just Surf Surfboard Wall Rack" has a metal core covered with foam making it ideal to display your board. Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Only $29.

"Finger Grip Soft Rack" is made from durable EVA foam, solid injection molded base plate, and a super strong, double-sided removable foam tape. Only $27.

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