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CLIP OF THE WEEK: Hawaii Pleasure
The Young Wise Tails crew (Conner and Parker Coffin along with filmer Ryan Perry) keeps knockin’ ‘em out of the park. Their newest clip from this past winter on the North Shore has just about everything you want to see: solid barrels, rail surfing, big airs, a Huntington Hop into second reef Pipe (5:35), and a dude in dreads slaying guitar.

You are what you eat so apparently Kelly Slater is hemp protein powder. Originally, Morgan Maassen created this as a lifestyle commercial, but following Slater’s departure from Quiksilver last month, that plan ground to a halt. Not one to let a good thing go to waste, Morgan re-edited the footage from Tahiti and Hawaii and made it less product-oriented. Their loss, our gain, I suppose.

Today Is Perfect
Mark Mathews, quite possibly the most fearless surfer in the world, was terrified of the ocean as a kid. And this clip has the dramatic recreations to prove it. Mark will likely become one of your favorite surfers after watching this. He charges. He helps his mother. He’s an underdog. And did we mention he charges?

Endless Barrels
GoPro was so kind as to compile all the best P.O.V. barrels from this past winter on the North Shore. Enjoy.

Here Comes The Sun
20-year-old Cooper Chapman’s style perfectly suits this opening backdoor wedge. He backs it up with techy airs and some solid drainers at Nias. Fun, fun, fun.

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