This Week in Webclips 11/05/14

The 4 best surf videos of the week, all in one place

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Mini Tunnels Down South
Is there anything more delicious than a perfect, barreling, head-high pointbreak? We think not. After watching Marti Paradisis thread himself through one perfect P.O.V. tube after another, it took everything we had to not leave work early and go tube-hunting. All hail the P.O.V. tube webclip. It gets us every time.

Andrew Doheny in Fine Form
Style, frontside whips, and multiple nods to the ’90s—Fatboy Slim and Limp Bizkit compose the soundtrack—make this a must-watch clip. When Droid drops an edit, we can’t help but click.

Marzo On Maui
Clay, sans stickers, doing what he does best on Maui. Laybacks that would cause hernias in most men, perfectly threaded tubes, and mammoth airs abound.

Caio Ibelli: Color Outside the Lines
Black, white, and style for days, Caio Ibelli dismantles a perfect Brazilian wedge for your enjoyment. Mark our words, this kid will be the next Brazilian to step into the limelight.

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