The best surfboard car racks in the world

Surfboard car racks are the safest way of travelling with surfing planks and gear.
Transporting surfboards in your car is never easy. In many countries, surfboards are not authorized to travel inside cars. In other cases, sticks are just too big for your auto.
Also, travelling with your surfboards inside causes other inconvenients. Sand, pieces of wax and salted water will damage your car upholstery and overall interiors.
The safest way of driving along the highway in search of the perfect surf is by installing easy-to-use surfboard car racks. These systems are inexpensive and will allow you to carry boards on the top of your car, while deblocking your rear and side view driving angles.
The best surfboard car rack systems are hard racks and soft racks. Vehicles with car rain gutters and surfers who prefer to keep objects away from the roof will prefer hard racks.
Soft racks can be easily and quickly mounted and dismounted with straps, so that you're only driving with them when you're surfing. Smooth pads will avoid the contact of surfboards with the roof of the car.
These surfboard car rack systems are compatible with board bags or unprotected surfboards, but make sure to travel with the surfboard fins up and in the back of the car, pointing forward. Finally, tighten the straps, not too hard.
Block Surf Snubber Hard Surfboard Rack is a very secure system which allows you to travel with up to four surfboards.
Ocean & Earth Double Rap Rax Surfboard Carrying Rack is designed for cars without roof gutters and it is very easy to mount.
FCS Premium Double Soft Surfboard Car Racks are very good, fit all cars, vans and four wheel drives and holds 1-6 shortboards or 1-4 longboards.
Thule 554XT Hang Two Rooftop Surfboard Carrier offers maximum board protection and lateral stability and allows two surfboards on top.
Thule Double-Decker Surfboard Carrier delivers greater board security with a convenient, universal mounting design. Its soft, weather resistant padding protects boards during transit.
Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Car Soft Racks have unbreakable metal buckles with neoprene padding to protect your car and surfboard in a broad range of board travel conditions.
Get more high-quality surfboard car racks for your surf trips.

The surfboard car rack review has been updated on the 25th February 2014.

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