Kauli Vaast Charging Teahupo’o at 12 Years Old

A couple of weeks back we spotted a potentially macking Teahupo’o swell on our long range forecast. It arrived right on time, and there to exploit it was 12 year old Kauli Vaast, part of a thriving contingent of power hungry Tahitian groms. John John was there, along with all manner of pros and aspiring chargers, but this young’n stole the show.

Prior to the swell arriving, our man on the ground, Raihei Tapeta, told us: “Its crazy in Tahiti at the moment. Since Koa Rothman’s wave, all young Tahitian surfers want to do tow-in Teahupoo’o, they train all year until the big swell. It will be very interesting to see them surfing in these conditions.” This was Kauli’s first true test, and he passed with flying colours.

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