Top Travel Partners

The Champ, tracking through a Kirra drainer. Photo: Glaser

Kelly Slater 

We’ve probably traveled the most together out of anyone I shoot. He spends a lot of time looking at swell maps and figuring out where in the world may be the best at any given moment, which results in us being in the best spot possible with great waves and minimal crowds. He does love to show up late to the airport though, which drives me crazy. I’m usually the guy that shows up four hours before the flight leaves, but Kelly shows up with only 30 minutes to spare! Once in the water, his surfing speaks for itself. Watching Kelly surf is like imagining the wildest way a wave can be ridden, then watching him go out and do just that but with style, grace, and a big smile; I’ve heard him say that he just caught the best wave of his life many times. On top of being a good friend, he lets me ride his boards when he’s not surfing, so I don’t have to bring my own.

The Mob. Always cruising. Photo: Glaser

Rob Machado 

A lover of lefts, a fellow goofyfoot, with style for days. We’ve been on quite a few missions together and we always seem to get the best photos on the days when there’s an x-factor. He is just as passionate about photography as I am, so he understands why photographers are always waking up hours before the sun comes up so we can be at the best place at the best time. On more than a few occasions we’ve made images on sub-par wave days but with great light. He has one of the best quivers around. When most guys bring a bunch of shortboards, he always has something fun and new in his board bag to ride any type of wave.

Rusty Long, Puerto Escondido. Photo: Glaser

Greg Long, secret spot. Photo: Glaser

Greg and Rusty Long

They both love great, high-quality waves. Super mellow to travel with and are usually where the waves are the biggest and best. We have gone on weeklong camping adventures with no WiFi, cell service, or food besides what we bring or catch. It is always an adventure with these guys. Rusty and I always nerd out on photography together and Greg’s love of good food, tequila, and being well prepared means that you’re safe, but always ready for a good time.

The froth monster laughs at busted boards. Photo: Glaser

Dane Gudauskas

Permafroth. Nothing can bring this guy down. Last year we were in Mexico. Just Dane, his brother Tanner, and Dylan Graves. Tanner broke one of his favorite boards and for the first time he looked a little bummed. Dane’s first reaction was: “Tanner, you’re stoked! You get to find a NEW favorite board!” If that’s not stoke I don’t know what is.

Joel Tudor, fount of surf wisdom. Photo: Glaser

Joel Tudor

For his knowledge of surfing and life that he always shares on the trips. Every time I’m around him, I’m learning something new about boards, fins, waves, jiu jitsu, or how airs like the lien air got it’s original name. He loves a good left tube as well.

Ryan Burch and a pair of hand-shaped masterpieces. Photo: Glaser

Ryan Burch

Fellow goofyfoot, easy going, and loves to surf more than most people I know.

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