The most famous quotes by Kelly Slater

The surfer known for his mind games is a man of deep thoughts and unusual sayings. What better way to understand the brain of Kelly Slater than to read and analyze his most famous quotes.

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SurferToday has collected the most famous quotes by Kelly Slater. Take a look what the world's best surfer has said during his successful career:

I'll tell you. Golf is the greatest game in the world.
I generally start my day off with hot water and lemon - to cleanse the body out after sleeping. I read about it and it seemed like a good idea. I drink a lot of coconut water, too. I generally stick with fruit in the morning. I make a lot of smoothies.
I've always wanted a little lower center of gravity and a stronger lower body.
It's funny because depending on the day or where we are, my favorite surfer is either Andy or Bruce.
How do I carry on? With a cane.
I want to surf better tomorrow. I want to surf better in 10 years. When I'm 50 I want to be a better surfer than I am now - for me it's a lifelong journey.
The barrel is really the ultimate ride for any surfer. It's the eye of the storm. Some guys say it's like being in the womb.
I have felt married to surfing and all it offers at times.
I kept a log of every heat I lost, and I would write at the bottom what I did wrong - 'impatience' or 'catching too many waves.' I would get mad at myself for missing a turn and I'd bang my head and fists against the board, head-butt it, cursing, 'You stupid fuck!' Only no one saw that, because I was out on the water.
I look at it now and my surfing that won my first title would probably only be good enough to get me 30th place in today's competition. It's not even comparable.

I'm getting pretty good at getting away from signings.

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