How To Escape For the Summer: Part II

Recently California’s Dillon Perillo offered his five favorite summer surf destinations. Because we’re all about equality, for this week’s column we headed east to see what Floridian Evan Geiselman has on his itinerary.

Costa Rica is possibly the most tried and true summer escape. Photo: Lowe-White

Costa Rica: A staple in the diet of many traveling surfers, Costa Rica has been a part of our collective must-travel list since the early ’90s. “It’s definitely one of my all-time favorite places to surf in the world,” says Evan. “The waves are awesome and in the summer there’s a bunch of south swell that lights up Central America, so I try to make it there whenever I can.”

Airfare from Florida to San Jose: $500+

Boards to Bring: Although the surf in the area can get throaty, the majority of the setups are playful beachbreaks. Your standard shortboard and a backup fish/funboard should do the trick.

Where to Stay: Costa Rica is home to a number of surf camps that cater specifically to traveling surfers. With a plethora of options in the north, central, and southern parts of the country, finding a place to lay your head shouldn’t be a problem.

You didn't think the only wave in Tahiti was Teahupoo, did you? Photo: Thouard

Tahiti: If you’re looking to test yourself in the South Pacific, then Tahiti may be the trip for you.
Breathtaking beauty, frequent south swells, and a whole host of lineups wait for you once you land in Papeete. “I’ve only been there once, but in the summer it breaks often with all the south swell they get,” says Evan. “Teahupoo is one of my favorite waves—I really can’t wait to go back.”

Airfare from Florida to Papeete, Tahiti: $2,000+

Boards to Bring: There’s much more to Tahiti than just Teahupoo, but with that said, you just might want to scare yourself for the barrel of a lifetime. In addition to your standard shortboard, you should bring a few step-ups. Don’t be fooled, even the most inviting Tahitian reef passes can claim skin.

Where to Stay: If you’re going to surf Teahupoo, your choices are limited to a few homes that act as bed and breakfast inns. You’re best bet is to ask around and try to find a friend of a friend to stay with. The Tahitians are truly hospitable people and will treat you like family.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 40 years, Indonesia has amazing surf. Photo: Childs

Indonesia: With more than 18,000 islands and countless reefs making up Indonesia, you’re more likely to get the wave of your life here than anywhere else. “I always find myself going to Indo at least once a summer. Between doing a boat trip to some remote stretch or going to Bali, I always look forward to it and we almost always score.”

Airfare from Florida to Bali: $2,500+

Boards to Bring: Leave your fun boards at home. Your quiver should consist of equipment for barreling lineups. Although many of the waves are rippable, you’re not traveling to Indo to do cutbacks.

Where to Stay: If you’re heading to Bali, we recommend spending a few days near Keramas, Uluwatu, and Canggu. If you’re hell bent on raising hell, grab a hotel room in Kuta for the weekend. For most other Indo trips, you’ll be laying your sunburnt head either on a boat huffing diesel fumes or at one of the hundreds of surf camps in the island nation.

The Outer Banks, at its most inviting. Photo: Matt Lusk

Outer Banks: As all-American as surf trips come, a well-timed strike mission to the Outer Banks should be on the list of every East Coast surfer. “I want to spend a lot more time there this summer,” says Evan. “When we get hurricane swell on the East Coast it gets really good up there. I haven’t yet scored it, but I hope that changes soon.”

Airfare from Florida to North Carolina: Are you kidding? If you hustle, you can drive there from Cocoa Beach in about a day.

Boards to Bring: When you’re loading up your truck (many Outer Banks peaks require four-wheel drive) we advise bringing something with a rounded pin and a little foam. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a few spares in the event that you score classic OBX tubes.

Where to Stay: Since you began this trip in your truck, why not save a few hundred bucks and sleep in the back of it? If you have a shell or camper and a proper sleeping bag, you’ll be sleeping in style. Otherwise, good luck finding a hotel vacancy during the summer months.

Although crowds and flat spells occasionally plague California's summer, there are moments of brilliance. Photo: Glaser

California: Think Southern California is overrun with people and all the good peaks are painfully crowded? Well, you’re absolutely right. You may not score empty perfection, but you will find playful waves, attractive women, and Lower Trestles. “I love being in California in the summer,” says Evan. “There’s tons going on and you can surf Lowers almost every day.”

Airfare from Florida to Los Angeles: $400+

Boards to Bring: Save yourself some baggage fees and don’t bring anything. Half of San Clemente is populated with world-class shapers. Either order one ahead of time for pick up when you land, or go check out the factories for the best deal on off-the-rack models.

Where to Stay: If you’re going solo for the whole summer, you can rent a room for a few months via Craigslist. If you’ve outgrown vagabonding and work as a hedge fund manager, we hear good things about the Ritz that overlooks Salt Creek.

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