The Top 10 Most Played Surf Vids on Vimeo

It’s finally happened, a video has knocked Mickey Smith’s epic Dark Side of the Lens from the ‘most viewed ever’ spot on Vimeo. The drone cam clip from Eric Sterman lacks the depth or soul of Mick’s film but it is an eye popping angle.

 Pipeline Winter by Eric Sterman. 3.5 million plays

 Dark Side of the Lens by Mickey Smith/Astray films. 2.2 million plays.

 Belharra Meets Hercules. 1.1 million plays. (added after original post was made hence 11 videos, this vid hasn’t been key worded  with ‘surfing’!

 Fiji Vignette 3 by Taj Burrow. 784K plays.

 Wavegarden 2.0 by Wavegarden. 670K plays.

 Much Better Now by Salon Alpin. 424K plays.

 Biggest Teahupoo Ever by Chris Bryan. 422K plays.

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