Kelly Slater got waxed on his car

The car of 11-time world champion Kelly Slater has been hit in a backlash against the pro surfer, who has also copped abuse on social media since he spoke out about crowded Snapper Rocks.

Photo: Kelly Slater Instagram Account

Fearless in the face of criticism, Slater posted a picture of himself on the weekend standing in front of his car with the swear word scrawled across the window in wax.

He posted this photo on his Instgram account, and added some witty remarks.

“Check it out…I went surfing and when I came in, #Fuckwit had autographed my car in wax! Really wish I got a chance to see him and say hi. Such great respect surfers have for each other around these parts. So… maybe he’ll brag to his friends and I find out who he is so I can thank him in person and return the favor? Haha.” as he wrote on his instagram account.

The post attracted more than 30,000 likes, which was almost the same level of interest that the picture of Slater sandwiched between surfers at Snapper received on social media last week during the Quiksilver Pro.
Slater branded Snapper one of the busiest and most dangerous breaks in the world after it was taken. “The crowds here are like nothing I’ve ever seen in the world. It’s really, really tough for one person to get space in the water and it’s mostly not fun.” he said

A short time before the Instagram post, Slater was photographed enjoying the big wave action at Duranbah, which is probably when the offender targeted his car.

Most surfers agreed with his comments about crowding. But some locals pointed out that Slater himself had to shoulder the blame for the problems experienced on the southern Gold Coast breaks, because he attracted much of the crowd. “I guess you reap what you sow,” posted one follower on Instagram, with the handle awonderfulmistake. “Complaining about it makes you look like a spoiled kid who can’t have it both ways.”

Surfing Queensland spokesman Ben Whitmore said while there was truth to the argument, Slater was entitled to speak out about the issue and hopefully the attention would help find a solution. “He has the profile needed to get people’s attention on this issue,” he said. Mr Whitmore said.

Snapper was probably the most dangerous spot in the country to catch a wave and several surfers had been treated for injuries since Slater had raised the problem last Monday. “I have seen about six people in the past few days with oxygen masks on getting medical help after surfing at Snapper,” he said. “Snapper is a recipe for disaster.”

Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve committee chairman Andrew McKinnon said Slater deserved more respect, particularly since he lived here part-time and was entitled to comment on the conditions at Snapper.
“People didn’t take kindly to his comments about overcrowding,” he said. “But I think it is admirable that he expressed an opinion.”


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